Italy With My Son 2012 – Spaghetti With Sea Urchin

Fresh sea urchin is one of life’s great treats. I love its creamy coolness and coffee-like flavor. At Il Chiasso, the chef, Dido made delicious spaghetti with sea urchin. Following are photos of what he did.

The local sea urchin and liquid ready to go.

In the pan with olive oil.

The very al dente spaghetti is added to the pan to finish over high heat.

Dido shows his skills finishing off the pasta.

The final plate.

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4 Responses to Italy With My Son 2012 – Spaghetti With Sea Urchin

  1. cheftatze says:

    Your Trip is insane, all of your post makes me looking jaw dropping 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    Love that you got to share this with your son. My friend, writing out of Singapore at the moment, has a fishmonger husband and a penchant for uni. She tries to keep the lobes as intact as possible.

    Keep on writing.

    • docsconz says:

      Thanks for the comments. This was a different treatment of sea urchin than what I have been most familiar with. I usually eat it raw with intact lobes as well. I’m not sure what they did to the sea urchin when it was in the bowl before they started to cook with it, but it was good. I have made pasta with sea urchin before myself, but tried to limit the cooking of the roe as much as possible. Based on this dish, I’m not sure that is necessary. Plenty more to come on Elba and the rest of this trip!

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