Italy With My Son 2012 – Simple (But So Delicious) Fried Sardines on Elba

Sardines have a bad rap in the United States. Perhaps, that is because we rarely get to see or eat top quality supremely fresh sardines. They are one of life’s simple pleasures and a backbone of cucina povera, the inexpensive, but tasty food of central and southern Italy. My son and I enjoyed sardines (and anchovies) a number of different ways on Elba, especially at the restaurant Il Chiasso, owned and run by Luciano Casini. One of the cooks, Marco, showed us how to make simple, but wonderful fried sardines. The first step (see photo above) is to split the sardine down the middle.

Gently pull out the spine and ribs…

…to leave a full fillet.

Dredge in flour.

…then egg.

Fry gently.

Serve with lemon, if desired. Eat and enjoy!

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