Italy With My Son 2012 – Saturday Night at Il Chiasso

At 5PM, my son and I returned to the restaurant, where Dido gave my son and I some cooking lessons.First he made two kinds of bread – a regular loaf and a flatbread. He used 00 flour and whole wheat for the breads.

He then proceeded to prepare fresh egg pasta. He added one egg for every 100 grams of 00 flour, put it in the mixer to blend the eggs with the flour then ran it a few times through the pasta maker to make beautiful flat sheets.

He then showed us the different cuts to make tagliatelle, taglaitellini, pappardelle and maltagliatte.

With a couple of other sheets he made ravioli stuffed with mozarella and tomato. He had my son cut the raviolis apart with a roller knife.

Dido also demonstrated how to make potato gnocchi with my son finishing the rolling and cutting (we will eat some of them tonight). The process looked so easy, but it won’t seem so easy when we try to do it at home. I video’ed the lessons, so hopefully that will help.

The lessons continued with Luciano and Marco showing us how they do stuffed anchovies, riso nero and favas cooked with artichokes, peas and tomatoes. I video’ed those lessons as well. We went back to the apartment for a short time before returning for dinner.

Once again, we were treated to a wonderful repast. The meal started with the stuffed anchovies,

…followed by the amazing riso nero.

We were once again treated to the pleasure of Luciano’s company at dinner.

Awesome fettucine con tonno (yellow fin) di forno arrived next, followed by…

…perfectly prepared San Pietro (john dory) and tannuto (gray mullet) both baked whole and filleted tableside.

Dessert was a delicious, dense, flourless Guanaja chocolate cake.

The wines were also superb. The white had a natural effervescence and a flavor that resembled a good hard cider.

The second was an outstanding, old style Dolcetto d’Alba. Fausto, the sommelier knows his stuff!  We were the only diners all evening. It was an unusual feeling to have a feast like this in a restaurant all to ourselves. Despite the rain, it was another magical day in a sea of magical days.

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  1. peggy markel says:

    Great photos. It looks like you had an amazing lesson and as always good food
    from Il Chiasso. Luciano’s company puts the icing on the cake.. or the scales on the fish.. or at least a smile on one’s face!

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