Sunday Photo: A Lot of Talent in This Kitchen

(L-R) Karen Urie Shields, Johnny Spero, John Shields, Michael Ryan, Alex Talbot, Scott Anderson and Curtis Duffy

Billed as “Chefs Without Restaurants,” this kitchen featured six guest chefs not currently working in restaurants and two who are, the hosts Scott Anderson and Michael Ryan of Elements in Princeton, N.J. This past Friday, chefs Karen Urie Shields and John Shields formerly of Town House in Chilhowie, VA who were assisted by Johnny Spero (awaiting the opening of his own restaurant, Suna, in Washington, D.C.) worked together with Alex Talbot and Aki Kamzawa from Ideas in Food, Curtis Duffy of the forthcoming Grace and formerly of Avenues both in Chicago and Anderson, Ryan and the rest of the team from Elements in Princeton, N.J. to put together a kick-ass dinner. The kitchen was oozing with talent and it showed on the plates. There will be much more to come on this soon!

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