NewsFlash! – Ferran & Albert Adriá to Bring Vanguardist “Barcelona Style” Pizza to NYC!

Saying that NYC has become “the pizza capitol of the world” and that “if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere,” Ferran and Albert Adriá announced their plans in NYC earlier today to open “Toppings,” a new vanguardist “Barcelona style” pizzeria in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The pizzeria will feature small-plate individual tapas-like pizzas prepared using the techniques of elBulli that made them famous as well as a few more traditionally styled “Barcelona” pies. It has been noted that the brothers have had a long-standing interest in pizza and have spent time in Naples, Italy learning the finer points of the traditional craft, so that they could adapt their techniques to make it even better and more interesting. Their crisp, mozzarella crust with tomato, olive and basil “spheres” proved to be a big hit with the attendees of the morning press conference. The “spheres,” in a new breakthrough, have been flattened and adapted to the shape of coins. As one attendee gasped, “The possibilities are endless! What will they think of next?” Ferran emphasized that this is just a “small labor of love” while awaiting the opening of the new elBulli Foundation in Cala Montjoi. Nevertheless, the brothers and their associates are entering this with their characteristic vigor and imagination. Plans are in process to take this concept all over the world.

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4 Responses to NewsFlash! – Ferran & Albert Adriá to Bring Vanguardist “Barcelona Style” Pizza to NYC!

  1. Gerry Erchak says:

    Very exciting!

  2. Gerry Erchak says:

    Well done, John. You completely got me!

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