Sunday Photo – Northern Shrimp

These tasty little morsels have but a short season during the northern winter with this year being shorter than most due to declining stocks. Northern shrimp are most well known when coming from Maine, but these are from Gloucester by way of Pura Vida Fisheries and the Saratoga Farmers Market. They were quickly sautéed “al ajillo,” shell-on in a cast iron pan over high heat with olive oil, pimentón and a fistful of thinly sliced garlic. They are easily peeled after cooking, but I also like them with the shell on, with the exception of the tip of the tail, which I bite off. The shells add flavor and a bit of a crunch.

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2 Responses to Sunday Photo – Northern Shrimp

  1. Ole M. Amundsen, Jr. says:

    My best memory of these tasty little creatures was from years ago with my Dad, working on our Maine island cottage about this time of year, getting the shrimp off the boat at 10 cents/pound, quick boil in electric skillet & eating as we worked…simple. I still get them as frozen meat only from Jess’s Mkt. in Rockland, ME via overnight…not so cheaply, almost as good.

  2. docsconz says:

    Ole, the way you described is still and always will be the best way to eat them. Unfortunately, they are not likely to ever again be as cheap!

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