Sunday Photo – The Bordelon Cocktail

My wife and I recently had a few friends over for dinner and as I was perusing through the new 75thAnniversary Edition of Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide (Mr. Boston: Official Bartender’s & Party Guide) by Jonathan Pogash and Rick Rodgers, I came across The Spencer Cocktail, a gin based cocktail that uses apricot brandy and orange juice. Since one of our guests was one of my business associates, a genial Louisianan by the name of Spencer Bordelon, I was doubly intrigued. Having some nice Meyer lemons I wanted to use and generally preferring to use recipes as inspiration rather than a strict directive, I substituted the orange in the recipe for meyer lemon and named the cocktail in honor of my friend. Here is the recipe adapted from Mr. Boston:


The cocktail as made here is a nice, dry sipper. Robert Hess of The Cocktail Spirit offers a variation of the original Spencer Cocktail on video here.

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