Congratulations to Richard Rosendale, CMC – Bocuse d’Or Candidate USA for 2013!!

Richard Rosendale CMC is the American candidate for the Bocuse d’Or 2013. Along with his commis, Corey Siegel, won the honor with a focused and determined culinary performance yesterday at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, where they competed against three other skilled and determined teams at the Bocuse d’Or USA finals.

Chef Rosendale is no stranger to competitive cooking, having been the youngest member of the 5-man 2004 World Champion Team USA that competed at the IKA Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany and team captain of the 2008 squad that took home three medals. Though he lost the 2009 Bocuse d’Or USA competition to Timothy Hollingsworth of the French Laundry, Rosendale continued on to Lyon for that competition as an integral part of the behind-the-scenes team. In 2010, he endured the rigorous and exhausting examination process to become a Certified Master Chef, a very difficult and prestigious award.

The Pennsylvania-born Chef Rosendale’s work experience is extensive, having spent a lot of time cooking in Europe along with working for companies like the Ritz carlton and the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, where he is currently the Executive Chef. Prior to his return to the Greenbrier, he had been chef/owner at a successful, restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, eponymously named Rosendale’s, as well as a second restaurant called Details Mini-Bar and Lounge.

Rosendale’s preparations for this event brought him to Norway, where he sought advice from Geir Skeie, the 2009 Bocuse d’Or champion. No detail was left unattended, including the production of an informational booklet as is frequently produced for the various national candidates in Lyon.

Rosendale’s and Siegel’s kitchen work was meticulous and immaculate.

Team Rosendale’s coach, Daniel Scannell CMC, was a model of  calm and order.

Commis Corey Siegel performed like a well-engineered machine. Here, he was coring beets to be used as part of the meat platter.

Each candidate had to produce a seafood plate and a meat platter. For the seafood, they had to use fresh cod with each team receiving one whole cod. Chef Rosendale broke his down quickly, efficiently and neatly.

The meat was chicken. Each team received several whole chickens, which also needed to be broken down.

Chef Rosendale removed the entire skin of a chicken in one piece. He subsequently used that skin to line what was to become the centerpiece to his platter.

Precision is very important in the Bocuse d’Or.

An old Mr. Potatohead toy was used as a mold that included the skin, breasts, truffles and more.

Rosendale’s fish plate, eaten by half the judges and observed by all, was called “Celebration of River & Glen Hookers Cod.”  “Hookers” cod are line caught off the coast of cape Cod. In the back of the photo was “Hookers cod, mousseline with chive and gravlox Savoy cabbage, Bouillabaisse jus.” To the left is a “‘Brandade’ fritter with tomato thyme coulis, olive oil powder, caviar, cucumber.'” In the front is “Saffron potato with leek soubis.” To the right is “Twist of cauliflower gratin, mustard sabayon, lemon confit.

Team Rosendale’s meat platter was a beautiful piece of work, of a quality consistent with Lyon.

Each team had to plate from their meat platter.

Plating was no time to take the foot off the accelerator. Team Rosendale’s concentration and intensity never wavered.

The plate was called “D’Artagnan Winter Chicken Preparations” and consisted of “Slow cooked chicken, country ham and cornbread stuffing, winter truffle butter” to the left with a skin “flag,” “Chicken and Dumplings’ with coq au vin, au bianco” in the foreground; “Onion ash rubbed tenderloins with spiced chciken sausage” to the right “Pickled beet with apple puree and Pernod gelee” towards the rear and “Brussels sprouts, tender carrots, West Virginia maple syrup” in the center. Team Rosendale managed to include both classic French and modernist technique  in their work.

Chef Rosendale sauced at the table.

The judges liked what they saw and tasted. Richard Rosendale CMC and Corey Siegel were deserving winners and have the potential to finally put the USA on the Bocuse d’Or podium in 2013. They have the drive, the time and the support of Bocuse d’Or USA as well as the dedication of Team coach Gavin Kaysen, the Board of Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud and Jerome Bocuse as well as the support of the prestigious Bocuse d’Or Culinary Council, many of whom were at the CIA to judge the event.

The next Bocuse d’Or is set to take place in Lyon starting January 29th. It is a great show. Make plans to come support Team USA!!!

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