Sunday Photo – Bacon

Bacon – a word that brings plenty of frothy saliva to otherwise dry mouths. Sure, there are many people, who for various reasons, religious, cultural or by choice (really?) who don’t eat bacon, but for those who do, it is one of the most beloved foods out there. And why not? It’s salty, sweet, smokey, meaty and packed with umami. We are fortunate up here where I live to have a number of great bacons produced in our area, whether directly from farms like M&A, Lewis-Waite, John Boy’s Mountain View and Flying Pigs amongst others or another locally made classic (made with Canadian pork), the applewood smoked from Oscar’s Smokehouse. The bacon in the photo is meaty, thick cut smoked bacon from M&A Farm, purchased at the Saratoga Farmers Market and cooked layered on a sheet pan at 335 degrees on a convection bake setting for about 20 minutes. It is seriously good bacon, perfect for a Sunday morning breakfast.

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