Sunday Photo – The Lawn

This lawn is not just any lawn. This Lawn is the center of Thomas Jefferson’s original Academical Village, aka The University of Virginia. While we didn’t have the delightful late October weather typical for the area, it could have been far worse and was in places we traveled through to get to Charlottesville. Nevertheless, even overcast and with a cold rain, the Lawn is a majestic and inspirational place, the heart of what I consider to be one of the most beautiful college grounds in the country.

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3 Responses to Sunday Photo – The Lawn

  1. Pina Belfiore says:

    Good work… seguo con regularita i tuoi posts.. grazie.
    I have been following your posts regularly for a while, thanks and good work.

    • Bob says:

      Did you get to Monticello while you were there? Always loved the Virginia campus great lawn but the tour of his home really was impressive.

      • docsconz says:

        Not this time, but a visit to Monticello when my wife and I visited to interview for my Anesthesiology Residency sealed the deal for us. We have been many times since. It is a very special place. Thanks for your comment.

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