Sunday Photo – Notecards

Perhaps you need an idea for a tasteful gift for friends, family or co-workers? If you enjoy my work, they may as well. All my photos on this website may be purchased individually or in groups. In my humble opinion, many make very nice note cards, which, in turn, make very nice gifts. Most of the images above come from this post from the Jean Talon Market in Montreal.

Ordering is easy. Click on any photo. When you do this a page with just the photo will come up. Click on the appropriate button above the photo and follow the prompts. Personalized messages can be printed inside the notecards. I like this one for a holiday card with an inscription like “May your holidays be spicy.”

Discount for the Holidays

10% Discount for Cards using coupon code 087E63

US$50.00 minimum purchaseValid from 20 Nov, 2011Valid until 25 Dec, 2011

Thankfully, I haven’t had to rely on earnings from Docsconz LLC for my livelihood, but my objective has always been to make this a self-sustaining enterprise. Thank you for your support!

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