Sunday Photo – Littleneck Clams

Clams are certainly one of my favorite foods and the basis for what I believe is my best dish – linguine with white clam sauce. I like this photo, but what I like the most about it is that it was taken with an iPhone 4S using the $0.99 camera+ app from This is one powerful little camera app that takes an already good iPhone 4s camera and brings it up yet a few more notches. It won’t fully replace my Canon, but it is a whole lot more convenient and a whole lot more likely to be with me when photographic opportunities arise. Instagram is another popular photographic app that I have been having fun with lately and another really cool one (and free!) is DerManDar, which takes really cool 360 degree Panaromic photos. While these programs and the iPhone 4S may not be capable of taking photos quite as good as a good SLR, given the convenience and portability factors, they do a pretty darn good job and are a lot of fun too. Look for more of these photos from me on Twitter, facebook and Instagram.

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2 Responses to Sunday Photo – Littleneck Clams

  1. Marco says:

    After seeing this, I’m off to Brickman’s tomorrow to order a few dozen. I blame you Doc! Thanks.

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