Submission at Mugaritz Part 2 – Desserts and Conclusion

For Part 1, please see this.

Camelias and wild tea

This was simply delicious in every respect. Even the rebellious, had they made it this far into the meal, would have found a reward here. This showed even more Asian influence and would not have been out of place in the very finest Japanese restaurants.

The spectacular dessert was augmented by an equally spectacular dessert wine from Gernika in the Basque Country. It had a perfect level of acidity to balance its inherent sweetness.

Broken walnuts, toasted and salted, cool milk cream and armagnac jelly

I am not typically very fond of walnuts, but this walnut based dessert along with another at noma transcended that bias in spectacular fashion. What appeared to be walnuts in their shells was actually chocolate encasing an armagnac jelly. Goat’s milk ice cream provided a pleasing tang. Sweet up front and slightly bitter on the finish, it was marvelous.

Nails and flowers

Our final dessert arrived at the table resembling flowers growing out of earth. In this case the flowers were an ice cream decorated by real flowers and chocolate cloves and the earth was chocolate.

My son and I had submitted and we were very happy that we had. This was an extraordinary meal made all the more extraordinary by the flights we took throughout. Little was what it seemed and much was challenging, at times even difficult, but I have been to few restaurants that were ultimately as rewarding. That said, despite the superb, efficient, but unstuffy service and the relaxed environment, this is not a restaurant for everyone. I imagine that it could be quite miserable for a picky eater who would only eat and enjoy what is recognizable and within a certain comfort zone. For those diners who enjoy an intellectual and emotional component to their meal, Mugaritz is truly extraordinary.

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  3. andrew says:

    i like your writing but saying thinks are iconic, things which have been around for years is a little insluting to the people to have created them

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