Sunday Photos – Montreal’s Jean Talon Market

Montreal’s Jean Talon Market reminds me of the great European markets. Set up with outdoor stalls, the market is also ringed by wonderful brick and mortar stores like Fromagerie Hamel. There is tons of produce, both local and imported including beautiful exotic fruits like mangosteens, rambutan and much more. Some of the local highlights include an incredible selection of wild mushrooms and other foraged products at Les Jardins Sauvages, where I picked up a couple of huge and delicious lobster mushrooms and fabulous herbs and vegetables at Birri et Freres, where I picked up salad greens, herbs and incredibly fragrant dill stalks with flowers. At Olives & Epices, I found an incredible selection of spices and olives including the incredibly aromatic and difficult to find wild Voatsiperifery peppercorns from Madagascar. The neighborhood around the market is equally good for food shopping, especially for Italian products including top end imported Italian pastas such as Verrigni, Martelli, Giuseppe Cocca and others. The truth is that anyone interested in food and cooking can go crazy shopping at the market and its neighborhood.  I know I did. Here are some photos from my visit. Click on the thumbnail image to see the complete high resolution photo. As always, photos can be purchased online as prints, note cards or for commercial use.

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  1. greg says:

    one of my favorite places

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