Sunday Photos – A Touch of Singapore in Montreal

Unlike most places in the world, Montreal does not allow for a street food scene. While there are food trucks and street foods, they are not sold on the street. They must be sold from a physical location. The closest thing to real street food now in Montreal are the stands at the local markets and a few other places. One that stood out to me on my recent trip to Montreal was Les Satay Brothers run by Mat and Alex Winnicki at the Atwater Market. The food is pretty, the flavors are vibrant and delicious and the prices are very reasonable. I got to try a superb pork satay and the laksa lemak, a brilliant meal-in-a-soup priced at about $8C. I wish that I was able to try more. They close for the season on October 31st.

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  1. Reid says:


    That bowl of laksa looks good. It’s one of my favorite dishes and I make it often at home. Can’t wait until my trip back to Singapore next year.

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