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If you have visited this blog on occasion, you would likely know that I am a huge fan of Rene Redzepi and his restaurant noma, which is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is part of an incredibly talented and devoted cadre of young Scandinavian chefs, who have brought New Nordic cuisine to the world’s attention, though no one has been more influential than he in doing so. Redzepi’s superb, James Beard award winning book, Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine, which is available from, provides a fascinating glimpse into his cuisine. I am thrilled to have received permission from Phaidon to share some videos here of Chef Redzepi preparing some of his signature dishes. Enjoy!

Vintage carrot and chamomile:


Asparagus and Spruce:


Steamed Oyster:


The Hen and the Egg:


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  1. betty nguyen says:

    I don’t know if it’s being Asian, or just being punk, but I used to shun at the experience of “conceptual” cooking. But there’s a heartiness and foundation to the local garden and forest ingredients that just makes so much sense in the NOMA kitchen that makes me excited to smell what they are making. And yes, it seems like a delicate experience in rooting the food in their origin that makes it so interesting and educational.

    Again, I normally don’t like the “cook it at your table” style when I go out, as I think it should be served, but watching the egg fry up in the hay in the video above seemed like such a communal dining experience. Not just one for novelty sake at the table, but acknowledging the egg and its surroundings, natural habitat as a communing with nature.

    thanks! Our next issue for First Person is themed around the idea of “Radical Foods” and I am continually inspired by the passion of food as a vehicle of both sustainability, politics and ultimate enjoyment when knowledge is shared about food’s transport and economy.

  2. Reid says:


    I enjoyed the videos immensely. Thank you for sharing them with us. Now I just have to find a way to get to Copenhagen.

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