elBulli 2011 – The Courses

While all courses will be presented here, I will not attempt a detailed accounting of each course. There has already been much written about these and other courses from this, the final season of elBulli as we have come to know it. I have included members of my family in many of the photos and collages since the process of eating at elBulli is just about as important as the food itself. Each course bears a caption with the name of the course from the menu with capitalization and punctuation as written on the menu. I hope that you enjoy the photos. I will do my best to answer questions relating to specific courses in the comments section. For our impressions of the meal and elBulli please see this post.

No. 1: pillow like a cocktail

No. 2: mojito and apple flute

No. 3: almond-fizz with amarena-LYO

No. 4: nori seaweed with lemon

No. 5: hibiscus and peanut

No. 6 parmesan cheese "macaron"

Gran Juvé Brut GRan Reserva Juvé i Camps Cava-Penedes (D.O)

No. 7: pistachio ravioli

No. 8: parmesan cheese "porra"

no. 9: olive oil chip

No. 10: bloody mary

No. 11: cod fish crust

No. 12: shrimps "tortilla"

No. 13: boiled shrimp

No. 14: sea urchin niguiri

No. 15: Thai prawn brain

No. 16: roses with ham won-ton and melon water

No. 17: quails with carrot "escabeche"

No. 18: soya matches

No. 19: marrow and belly of tune-sushi

No. 20: asparagus with miso - miso

No.20: asparagus with miso - asparagus

No. 21: tiramisu

No. 22: caviar cream with hazelnut caviar

No. 23: liquid hazelnut "porra"


Ex Vite Brut Gran Reserva Llopart Cava-Penedes (D.O)

No. 24: only truffle

No. 25: truffle cake

No. 26: endive in papillote 50%

No. 27: foie cake

This course was brought to us and described as “foie pie” instead of “foie cake.” Since it is in the shape of a disc, we had fun calling it a “foie-pie disc.”

No. 28: germinated pinenuts

No. 29: octopus shabu-shabu

No. 30: oysters Gillardeau with black sand and bone marrow

No. 31: prawn two firings

No. 32: lulo "ceviche" and mollusk

No. 33: Oaxaca "taco"

No. 34: "gazpacho" and "ajo blanco"

No. 35: tomato tartar

No. 36: peas 2011


No. 37: hare "buñuelo"

No.38: thrush

No. 39: game meat capuccino

No. 40: blackberries risotto with game meat sauce

No. 41: hare ravioli with "boloñesa" and blood

No. 42: wild strawberries with hare soup

No. 43: mimetic chestnuts

No. 44: yogurt blini

No. 45: Saint-Felicien dollar

No. 46: gruyere with kirsch

No. 47: sugar cube with tea and lime

no. 48: "coca de vidre" - crystal cake

No. 49: mini-donuts

No. 50: sake with raspberries, black sesame and orange

No 50: strawberry carpaccio and yogurt for our youngest in lieu of the sake dish

No. 51: box

Oriol Castro at work

Mateu Casañƒas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch


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  1. Gerry Erchak says:

    Oh my God!

  2. I’ve always wanted to travel to this culinary mecca and now it’s too late. Thank you for posting these wonderful courses. I could only imagine how they amuse your senses.

  3. gfron1 says:

    Fantastic. Great report.

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