Barcelona – An Anniversary Celebration – Day Three

Wednesday morning continued the sunny weather, which was particularly appreciated on this day, because this was to be a very busy and important one. We got up and out of the apartment early to head to the airport to pick up a rental car from Hertz and our eldest son, Lawrence, who took a few days off from college to fly in and join us for our lunch at elBulli. Fortunately, our car rental and his flight were both uneventful and we made it out on the road to Cala Montjoi without a hitch.

Our excitement grew when we made it to the winding road that goes from Roses to elBulli. Since we were unusually early for us, we even had time to stop along the road and enjoy the spectacular views of the Mediterranean afforded from the road. We got the restaurant to find the gates still closed. After availing ourselves of a few photos, the gates opened and we along with the other guests of that day entered those special grounds.

After our greetings by Luis Garcia, Juli Soler and Ferran we were seated to commence a most extraordinary meal of 51 distinct dishes. This was the reason we had all come as a family to Spain to celebrate my wife’s and my 25th wedding anniversary. Dining at elBulli in and of itself is enough to make any day a special one, but for my wife and I, being able to celebrate our upcoming milestone anniversary there (while it would have been nice to do so on our actual anniversary, there was no practical way for that to happen and all of us be able to make it) and with our three sons made it a day that could not be topped. Much more to come on this, including plenty of photos.

We grudgingly left the restaurant after the conclusion of our meal, but took the time to linger on the beach of Cala Montjoi before making the drive back to Barcelona.

We arrived back in Barcelona in time to meet our nephew, Lucas, who had flown in from Konstanz, Germany to visit with us for a few days. While we had eaten a substantial meal, he had not, so we took him to the nearby Tapas24, where he, with a bit of assistance from Kitty, Michael and I, enjoyed some marvelous tapas including some terrific patatas bravas, croquetas, mussels, steak with a chimichurri sauce, pa amb tomaquet and a few other delights.

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2 Responses to Barcelona – An Anniversary Celebration – Day Three

  1. Reid says:


    Happy (belated) anniversary wishes to you and your wife. What a treat it must have been to dine at El Bulli with your sons in celebration. I’m still hoping to make it out that way at some point even though I will not be able to dine there. It looks so beautiful.

    • docsconz says:

      Thanks, Reid, but the wishes are actually not belated. Our anniversary doesn’t actually occur until the end of this month. Our “celebration” took place then due to expediency. 🙂 As for dining at elBulli with our entire family – words can’t describe it!

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