Welcome to the New Docsconz: Musings on Food and Life!

If you are familiar with my blog from before this week and you are reading this now, you can see that there have been some significant changes made. While I enjoyed my blogging experience under the Typepad banner, I wanted to upgrade my website to provide some elements that I had been previously unable to do. To accomplish this I enlisted the help of Danya Henninger of Imagic Digital. The transition was a bit more difficult and longer than expected, but Danya managed it with finesse and patience and I believe we have come up with a cleaner, more streamlined and more professional look. I hope you agree!

The new Docsconz: Musings on Food and Life is still a work in progress. All of my previous Typepad posts have been migrated over to this website, but there may still be a few kinks lying around. If you are perusing a post and find that some photos are missing, please let me know, so we can fix it. We are also working to transition our facebook fans to the new site.

We are continuing to add content and new features. The blog postings will continue as they have and as I can get them out. In addition to my own posts, you will start to see posts from other writers who I think have interesting and pertinent ideas and experiences to share.

You may have already noticed the inclusion of Photo Galleries broken into four main themes: Food, Nature, People and Travel. Each of these themes will have their own subdivisions as I continue to add my best photos from the past, the present and the future. These photos will be available for purchase in both printed and licensed forms with licensing fees depending upon the ultimate commercial use. For high quality 8×10 prints the cost for now will be $25 plus tax and S&H. Larger prints can be accommodated by special order. For single on-line commercial use for an e-zine or for a printed magazine or newspaper the current charge is $35. Other commercial use is negotiable. I have just started adding photos. Many more are coming!

I am very excited to be adding two additional features in the coming weeks. Using Shopify.com, I will be adding an on-line boutique featuring select artisanal products. My first vendors will include beautiful, hand-made wooden furniture, spectacular pottery and wonderful artisanal goat-milk soaps. In the future I hope to add more quality artisans including food artisans. My website will facilitate the transaction, while the artisans will remain responsible for creating and shipping their wares. These are products and artisans that I am personally well acquainted with and can attest to their quality. I am thrilled to be working with them. I will introduce the artisans further when we are closer to going “live.”

In my travels and experiences with various chefs Congresses and food shows, I have come across many products, companies and vendors and have identified a number for whom I have nothing but the greatest respect. In the coming weeks, you will start to see some of them as sponsors of this website. I am not interested in promoting products or companies that I don’t know or have the utmost respect for. The presence of a product or company as a sponsor of this site means that I am personally endorsing that product or company. However, since much of my writing revolves around reporting on restaurants, I will not seek or accept sponsorships from restaurants.

There may be (I hope there will be) even more additions to the website in the future. Time and imagination will tell! In the meantime, thank you for reading and for your support! I hope that you enjoy the changes.

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3 Responses to Welcome to the New Docsconz: Musings on Food and Life!

  1. Congratulations, John, on the new website. If the Goose Cassoulet post is any indication, it is a great redesign. Your content has always been good, well written, photographed and interesting. This design showcases it. I also enjoy how you weave your love of family into your narratives. For me, family is the world, and dining and enjoying food with them is the best. I look forward to reading it.

  2. Bravo John!
    The new site looks wonderful…soothing and enticing colors, clean layout. Well done! I know it wasn’t easy, but it certainly looks like it will be worth the effort.
    Looking forward to all you are doing!

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