Sicily and Anna Tasca Lanza

My son LJ learning to make arancini with Anna Tasca Lanza Nov. 8, 2002

Reading the wonderful article on Sicilian Home Cooking by my friend, Nancy Harmon Jenkins in the latest issue of Saveur Magazine as well as the rest of the special feature on Sicily made me reminisce about my own visit there almost nine years ago with my then 12 year old son L.J. We went on a father-son bonding trip to check out the land of our ancestors. Starting in Palermo, we had a wonderful time visiting with relatives. Though distant (5x removed), they treated us as their own, showed us around, fed us and illuminated us on our shared family history. From Palermo we continued on a culinary tour through this marvelous island led by the ever lovely and marvelous Peggy Markel. One of the greatest highlights amongst many was our visit to the Regaleali Estate, where we got to spend time with the amazing Anna Tasca Lanza and her husband Vences. Amongst other things, Anna taught us to make a couple of my favorite Sicilian street foods, arancini and panelle.  Between that, the idyllic setting, the strattu, the fresh ewe’s milk ricotta and superb wines and olive oils, but most of all through Anna’s incredible presence, this is a memory to be cherished forever. Sadly the magnificent Marchesa, Anna Tasca Lanza, passed away on July 12th, 2010 at the too-young age of 74. This post is dedicated to her memory. On a happy note, Anna’s daughter, Fabrizia, is in charge of the cooking school that still bears her mother’s name at Casa Vecchia on the Regaleali Estate. It is worth the trip and in my opinion a must for anyone planning a culinary visit to Sicily.

Vences & Ana Tasca Lanza


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  1. Marco says:

    Nice tribute, Doc.

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