Lunch at Aldea with Michael Talalaev

I had lunch the other day at Aldea, the first time I had been back in a little while – at least just to eat from the regular Aldea menu. Reports from my earlier meals can be read here and here, while a couple of special event dinner reports can be found here and here. Joining me for lunch was my friend, fellow food fanatic and fine food photographer, Michael Talalaev. While not strictly a blogger, Michael, reports on his meals through his photostream on flickr, on which he posts under the name “nicknamemiket.” Rather than repeat my impressions of one of my absolute favorite restaurants, I thought I would post Michael’s with his permission.

To see the photos in a full screen slide show, click on the link to Michael’s photostream above and to read his descriptions click on the “show info” tab to your top right looking at his slide show. Look forward to more here from Michael in the future.

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4 Responses to Lunch at Aldea with Michael Talalaev

  1. Peter Rachlin says:

    Beautiful meal. My girlfiend and I are going for dinner at Aldea this coming Friday. Would you recommend the 5 course tasting or ordering a la carte? I was thinking of supplementing our meal with sea urchin toast and arroz if we order the tasting and these items are not included. Any must-haves? Thank you for your help.

    • docsconz says:

      I don’t think you could go wrong either way. I tend to like tastings because they often take me a little out of my comfort zone and I am often surprised about how good something I may not typically have ordered is. For me, the real must dish at Aldea is the Shrimp Alinho, as good a shrimp dish as you are likely to find anywhere. Don’t forget to have dessert.They are excellent with the passion fruit parfait particularly tasty. Enjoy!

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