My Top 25 Restaurant Meals of 2010

This is, of course, a subjective ranking. While great food is the single most important factor, the ranking is a reflection of the overall experience and the significance of that meal to me on a number of levels. The bottom line is that this was an exceptional year of dining for me with a number of meals that would have been top ten in many other years unable to be ranked so high this year. For my number one meal – noma – I am counting both the dinner and the lunch as one extended meal. I decided to not include special, guest chef or one-off dinners on this list, since they are special one-time events, not truly reflective of a specific restaurant or chef doing what he or she typically does. That is not to say, that they wouldn’t have been on this list. Special mention goes to these special dinners: noma at CortonThe Alchemy of Taste & Smell DinnerAldea with Sam Mason, and Aldea with Pastry Chefs, each of which was simply sensational.

  1. noma
  2. Town House
  3. Stella!
  4. Restaurant AOC
  5. The Oval Room
  6. Providence
  7. Roberta’s
  8. McCrady”s
  9. Kiin Kiin
  10. Elements
  11. Blue Hill at Stone Barns
  12. Wolves’ Den
  13. Coi
  14. Urasawa
  15. Ubuntu
  16. Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen
  17. Oaxen Krog
  18. minibar
  19. Herman
  20. Hawk’s
  21. The Red Hen
  22. Sorella
  23. Recette
  24. Jean-Georges
  25. Pizzeria Mozza


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4 Responses to My Top 25 Restaurant Meals of 2010

  1. Tucker Yoder says:

    John it is an honor to be part of this list we look forward to welcoming you at the Clifton Inn very soon.
    Happy New Year

  2. John Sconzo says:

    Well deserved, Tucker. It was an excellent meal. I look forward to partaking of your talents when back in Charlottesville. I hope to be spending some time there in the future. Your presence makes it that much more exciting.

  3. I love the yearly list! So want to get to Noma! Bon appetite!

  4. John Sconzo says:

    Thanks! You must get there. Next time you go to Scandinavia.

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