Changes Coming

With the beginning of the new year I want to say that my website and blog will be changing soon in the hope of bringing it up to a higher level. I am working with Danya Henninger of to redesign the site. I plan to continue providing the content that I have and hope to add some new authors as well – both to help me develop more content and to provide additional content from additional perspectives. 

To clean things up a bit I have already started removing some extraneous clutter such as Google or AdSense ads as well as Amazon ads other than for photo equipment that I use. I have found that they have done nothing for me but cheapen the site. To replace those, I will be instituting something much more interesting and useful. I will be adding various pages to the website including some for shops selling artisanal products. My aim is to link quality artisans, whether they be food artisans, artists or craftspeople, with a wider audience. Any artisans on my site will be personally known by me or a trusted source and/or have products familiar to me. I will not present anything on my site for sale that I cannot fully endorse. Sales and contacts will be made through the pages, but the artisans will remain responsible for completing the sales and supplying the products. If you think you might qualify and are interested in participating in this program, please contact me through this site. I am very interested in working with quality artisans and quality products on a reasonable commission basis.I will also be adding a way for individuals or companies to purchase photos that they may be interested in for personal or corporate use.

I also intend to have pages for potential blog sponsors. I will not accept ads from all comers, but only from companies and products that I respect and can fully endorse. Ad prices will be reasonable. Though I respect them greatly, I will not accept ads from restaurants, as much of my content comes from reporting on restaurant meals and I do not wish to have any suggestion of a quid pro quo. I will, however, accept sponsorship from food producers or equipment manufacturers if they are so inclined, but only if I feel that I can fully endorse their products. I will not accept a sponsor who's products don't meet my standards for quality. Please contact me directly through this site if you may be interested in becoming a sponsor. 

In short, I hope to enhance the experience and value of my website for you, my readers and to keep this a sustainable undertaking. Happy New Year!

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  1. Fantastic idea! Can’t wait to see it up and running!

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