Wish List 2011

Since the year is not quite over I am holding off a bit on posting my top restaurant meals and dishes of the year. Those will come soon, but these are the restaurants that I have not yet been to and most wish to try in 2011. Unfortunately, my Spain trip with Gerry Dawes this fall didn’t pan out, so a few of the restaurants are hold-overs from 2010. My wish list 2011:

  1. Mugaritz – I can’t believe that I still haven’t been!
  2. Restaurante Paco Morales – I must get back to try Paco Morales’ cooking again, this time in Valencia at the Hotel Ferrero.
  3. The Sportsman – I’ve been hearing and reading too many great things!
  4. The Fat Duck – How have I not yet made it here?
  5. Next – Grant Achatz provides another wonderful concept
  6. Speck – I’ve ben waiting a long time for Shola Olunloyo (Studio Kitchen) to open a restaurant.
  7. Husk – How is Sean Brock continuing to redefine southern food?
  8. Avenues – I recently recommended it to family & friends & got back great reports. I need to experience what Chef Curtis Duffy is doing for myself. I have had a great meal at Avenues in the past, but it was under Chef Graham Elliot Bowles, not Chef Duffy.
  9. Elkano – Recent raves have vaulted this Basque seafood palace higher on my list
  10. Red Medicine – Jordan Kahn’s food with Vietnamese flavors sounds awfully intriguing and delicious.

I’m also awaiting more information on new restaurants from Fabio Trabocchi (Fiola) in Washington, D.C. and Michael Voltaggio (Ink.) in Los Angeles. This list is only the tip of an iceberg of desire. I can easily think of another 20 restaurants I could add without batting an eyelash including Curaté, China Poblano, Jaleo-Las Vegas, Lincoln, Relae, Geranium, Etxebarri, Woodberry Kitchen, etc. It should be an interesting year!

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  1. I had the chance to eat at Mugaritz in early October for lunch, and the meal was incredible. I knew what to expect since my good friend was staging there and already told me all the secrets, tricks of the place. But it still blew me away the tempo of the meal, no rush, enjoy, relax, experience and savor everything; decor, ambiance, wine and food. Hope you get the chance to experience it soon.

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