Wish List 2010 – A Look Back

About a year ago, I listed a wish list for the restaurants that I hadn't yet been to, that I most wanted to visit in 2010. While I didn't think I could get to them all, I managed to make it to 50% of them and hit a number that I became excited about during the course of the year. Here is my list from a year ago with the ones I made in italicized bold. None was a disappointment. For those that I din't get to, I still want to, but they will have to wait until next year!

  1. Mugaritz
  2. Noma
  3. The Fat Duck
  4. Restaurante Ferrero
  5. McCrady's
  6. Elements
  7. Marea
  8. Town House
  9. Etxebarri
  10. Ubuntu

In a few weeks, I'll post my wish list for 2011 as well as my Top 25 Restaurant Meals of 2010.

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