Red Medicine


One of my main inspirations for coming to Los Angeles was the hope of being able to try Jordan Kahn's exciting new restaurant, Red Medicine, a personal cuisine inspired by Vietnamese flavors. Alas, for me, restaurant openings can be very difficult to time. Having to deal with both Los Angeles County and Beverly Hills (it is located just inside the Beverly Hills border on Wilshire Blvd) beauracracies proved to much to get it open while I was there. The good news, though, for fans of Jordan Kahn and fans of good food in Los Angeles, is that with all but a few final inspections passed and under their belts, opening is within panting distance. With a little bit of luck, they just might be open by next weekend. Long a fan of Jordan's pastries, I'll just have to try to return to L.A. soon!

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  1. Opening is finally set for this Thursday, 12/9. But I’ll believe it when I see it!

  2. John Sconzo says:

    That suggests that they passed their final inspections. I wish them luck!

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