Quick Pics From The Alchemy of Taste Night One


The opening of The Alchemy of Taste and Smell at New York City's Astor Center held only two events, but they were both of very high quality. The evening started with a presentation by one of the major figures of the Mixology Renaissance, Audrey Saunders and the ever-informative and entertaining, Dave Arnold (if there is a more brilliant and entertaining person in all of cuisine, I have yet to meet that person) on Using Aroma in Cocktails. This was followed  by an opening party with creative cocktails by the two presenters and food by Daniel Patterson and Bill Corbett of Coi and Plum in the Bay Area, Alex & Aki of Ideas in Food, David Chang of the Momofuku Empire and Nils Noren of The French Culinary Institute. A more detailed report of Audrey's and Dave's demonstration will come.

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