Quick Pics From The Alchemy of Taste Dinner – “Action” Shots


An all-star cast cooking together, this one of a kind dinner was simply incredible. The food, the drink, the scents, the people, the vibe – all combined to create a simply unforgettable evening after an already unforgettable program. I will get to discussing the meal and posting photos of the food soon as well as photos of Day 2 and discussion of both days' programs soon after that. 

The principal organizer of this incredible event was Chef Daniel Patterson of the San Francisco Bay area. He brought together such luminaries as natural perfumer and the inspiration for the program and dinner, Mandy Aftel; culinary scientist & writer extraordinaire, Harold McGee; master mixologists Dave Arnold (with Nastassia Lopez) & Audrey Saunders (with Kenta Goto); and sensational chefs David Chang, Bill Corbett, Wylie Dufresne, Johnny Iuzzini, George Mendes,Carlo Mirarchi, Nils Noren & Alex Talbot (& Aki Kamozawa). In addition, the staff of The Astor Center did a great job of making everything run smoothly in a perfect setting.


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