Fresh Ginger


I picked up this fresh ginger root on Saturday from Kilpatrick Family Farm at the Saratoga Farmers Market. It is a revelation! I never had freshly harvested ginger root before. I had never even seen it this fresh before. It is juicy, piquant and absolutely full of flavor. I sliced some thin along with some garlic and sauteed it with some of the season's last haricot verts from Farmhouse at Top of the World that my wife purchased on Saturday at the Glens Falls Farmers Market.

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2 Responses to Fresh Ginger

  1. Marco Romano says:

    The Asian market on Colvin Ave in Albany sometimes has it in the spring & summer. It’s another thing, right?

  2. John Sconzo says:

    Its probably the same thing, Marco. I have never seen it grown locally before, nor have I had any so nicely pungent.

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