Ferrari Challenge at Watkins Glen

Yesterday, my son, L.J. and I drove across N.Y. State to meet up with my friends, Scott and Tanya Boswell, who were participating in the Watkins Glen Ferrari Challenge along with their friends from Ferrari of Tampa Bay and other regional Ferrari clubs. Jerome Bocuse was also there running his Ferrari adorned with the logo for Bocuse D'Or USA and Daniel Boulud came up with his friend, Dean Santon to participate. While I didn't get a chance to ride in one, let alone drive one, we had fun, partaking of a unique experience. The cars are simply stunning – beautiful just standing still and jaw-dropping when zooming around the track. It was a pleasure to bask in their glow and to resonate with their rumbling engines. The event started on Thursday and was continuing through the weekend. I wish that we were able to stay for more than just the Saturday afternoon.

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