The Agrarian Chef: Sean Brock Talks Benne

The Agrarian Chef- Sean Brock – Benne from John Sconzo on Vimeo.

Charleston, S.C. chef, Sean Brock, first became known for his use of cutting edge culinary techniques in his restaurant kitchen. While he is still very well known for his use of those techniques, he has added to that reputation by his direct interest in farming and now also the preservation and reintroduction of Southern heritage and heirloom food products, many of which he has dedicated himself to resurrecting in the fields. Utilizing a farm owned by McCrady’s restaurant, Brock has begun raising heritage breeds of pig such as the Ossabaw and growing otherwise forgotten heirlooms like benne, the precursor plant of African origin to today’s sesame. In this video shot at McCrady’s Thorn Hill Farm, Sean Brock discusses his interest in benne and why he thinks its preservation is important.

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