Corn Relish


My wife is the preserver of the family. In addition to being primarily responsible for handling the household recycling program (she's a fanatic), she loves to preserve the summer's bounty in the form of jams, sauces and other things. With corn and a number of other crops at their local peak right now, she combined a few, for the first time making a corn relish – a great combination of sweet and tart that will be a lovely reminder of this glorious summer as we head into autumn and beyond.

She used a variation of a recipe taken from the Ball Blue Book The Guide to Home Canning and Freezing using half the sugar that the recipe called for (we find most written recipes, especially commercial ones use way too much sugar for our taste) and apple cider vinegar instead of the unspecified "vinegar". All the vegetables used were from our local farmers markets including corn from Linda Gifford at the Glens Falls FM, peppers from Kilpatrick Family Farm and an onion from Pleasant Valley Farm.

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