“The Orange From Valencia” – A Docsconz Video from Town House

The Orange From Valencia from John Sconzo on Vimeo.

"The Orange From Valencia" is a standout dish at the standout restaurant, Town House in Chilhowie, Virginia. Chef John Shields and his team have produced a dish that is not only delicious, but beautiful, creative, evocative and fun as well.

Prior to service, I had the opportunity to video Town House Sous Chef Matt Edwards preparing the orange "skins" used for the dish. This won't be freeze the eyes to the screen of anyone already solidly grounded in techniques using liquid nitrogen, but for those who are not and who are intrigued, it should be pretty cool. I apologize in advance. For some reason the focus in the video is not quite as sharp as I would like, but without the opportunity to re-shoot, I think it is still too interesting to not have used.

Thanks to Chefs John and Karen Urie Shields and their Town House team for allowing me into their kitchen with my cameras and thanks to Matt Edwards for graciously and patiently explaining the process for the camera.

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