The Charleston, S.C. Farmer’s Market

The Farmer's Market in Charleston, S.C. appears to be thriving. On two recent visits, the market was teeming with people who were buying beautiful produce from the vendors and eating prepared hot foods from a number of stalls selling their product. Since it included the prepared food vendors as well as some crafts vendors, the market didn't really fit my strict definition of what a "Farmer's Market" is (should only be selling produce or prepared foods or crafts that came from plants and animals grown, fished or raised by the people selling them). Of course, that kind of market is extremely rare nowadays as most do incorporate prepared foods and crafts that while not made from products that were grown, fished or raised by those selling them, are at least, artisanal. Nevertheless, I was impressed by the quality and regionality of many of the products at this market, especially the peaches, shrimp, okra and green peanuts amongst others. One of the things I enjoy most visiting farmers markets when I travel is the regional variation that is usually present. This did not disappoint.

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