Summer Salad – Haricots Verts


One of the great pleasures of summer is fresh green beans especially the skinny French variety known as haricots verts. These, from Kilpatrick Family Farm, were blanched then quickly combined on high heat with a thinly sliced poblano chili (also from Kilpatrick's) and olive oil before cooling and combining with chopped black Cerignola olives and chiffonaded basil for a quick and tasty summer salad suitable for a picnic on the Lake or elsewhere.

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2 Responses to Summer Salad – Haricots Verts

  1. Aromes_mtl says:

    I love green beans but I am very picky when it is about cooking them: my favourite technique is quickly pan searing it at high temperature with a bit of butter, garlic,onions. Then turning off the heat and let it steam for 2,3 minutes. That is how I like my green beans.

  2. John Sconzo says:

    Sounds like a good way to me. I developed my technique from James Petersons Vegetables. I boil them for a few minutes until they turn bright green, then empty them in a colander and put them pack in the hot pan, shaking them to evaporate any water. At that point I add a little fat – olive oil, butter or lard depending on what I am looking to do –  and whatever additional aromatics I want to add. They still have color, crunch and flavor.

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