Summer Fare


A recent dinner at home featured grilled chicken and Sheldon Farm corn on the cob. The corn was rubbed with butter, salt and chipotle powder. The chicken had been spatchcocked, marinated in Big Bob Gibson's white sauce and parcooked for several hours at 150ºF in the CVap oven before a final searing on a charcoal grill. The corn spent about 20 minutes in the same CVap before seeing the heat of the grill for a little smoke. With sauteed fresh haricots vert and tomato, this made for a fine summer meal eating out on our porch.

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5 Responses to Summer Fare

  1. Marco says:

    Looking good, Doc. We grilled a whole chicken the other night over indirect charcoal using the foiled brick method. Homegrown garlic softened in olive along with fresh herbs & lemon juice tucked under the skin. Let sit for a few hours and grill. Crispy skin and very moist flavorful on theinside.

  2. John Sconzo says:

    Like skinning a cat, there are a lot of different ways to grill a chicken. Yours sounds superb, Marco. So long as the chicken is of good quality, moist with crisp skin, the rest doesnt really matter a whole lot as chicken takes so well to so many different flavor treatments.

  3. Marco says:

    Right? Chicken on the grill ain’t a snap. Gas is easier, but charcoal is another thing. This method produced the best combo of crispy skin and moist flavorful meat. It was Murray Farm bird. I would like to buy one locally and try again. I am tweaking pizza dough using a stone over charcoal. Haven’t got there yet.

  4. John Sconzo says:

    Charcoal can be tricky. Thats what I like about the CVap. I do most of the cooking in that then finish the bird on the grill over high heat. The inside of the bird remains moist,but cooked, while the skin gets crisp without burning.

  5. John Sconzo says:

    Pizza can be trickier yet as you have to have a high heat and cover it to make sure the top gets cooked as well.

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