Turkish Pistachios


My son, L.J., just returned from  an extended trip studying Geography at Charles University in Prague.  During his nearly three months there he seized the opportunity to travel and explore as much as he could. One of the more fascinating places he visited was Istanbul, a city he absolutely loved. Though he did not bring me a t-shirt, he managed to bring something a bit better – Turkish pistachios. These pistachios are different than any I have ever had before. They are smaller, very flavorful and quite buttery on the finish. I'm not sure that I can say that I prefer them to some of the best pistachios I have ever eaten, such as those from Bronte in Sicily, but I can't really say the reverse either. It never fails to fascinate me, how one thing can be so different when it comes from different places. While terroir is certainly a hallmark of great wines, it is less commonly considered in other areas, but it is no less profound. It is diversity like this within a species as much as diversity between species that help keeps life interesting




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