Scott Boswell’s Louisiana Part 7: Asian Chili Prawns

In this 7th and final episode of Scott Boswell's Louisiana, Chef Boswell prepares one of his signature dishes: Asian Chili Prawns. This dish combines the bounty of Louisiana – shrimp, with techniques and flavors borrowed from Asia to create a personal and creative rendition of a NOLA classic: Barbecue Shrimp. 

This video was shot not long before the BP oil disaster. Unfortunately this wonderful dish is endangered for the moment – at least with the wonderful Louisiana Gulf shrimp that have here-to-fore defined it. With the oil seeping into the coastal marshes as well as spreading throughout the Gulf, there are real questions about the future of the Louisiana, indeed the entire Gulf's, fishing industry. With the sea life and other wildlife imperiled, stocks will likely suffer significantly. Fishermen's lifestyles and traditions are also imperiled. For the time being, many, such as Captain Corey (from our redfishing experience) and others, are being paid not to fish. Many of these fishermen are instead earning a living working in the clean-up efforts. But what of later on? Will the catch be there? Will there be a great temptation to overfish the stocks that remain? Will the fishermen and their families return to their largely traditional fishing lifestyles? Can they? What of their children?

At the moment and for the foreseeable future, affordable, quality Gulf shrimp and other seafood may be much more difficult to come by, but this video is a testament to a better time. The dish can still be made with shrimp from elsewhere, but I look forward to the day when wild stocks can once again be harvested safely from the Louisiana Gulf.

Scott Boswell's Louisiana Part 7: Asian Chili Prawns from John Sconzo on Vimeo.

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