Scott Boswell’s Louisiana Part 6: From Idea to Plate: Carrot Salad

There's is very little I enjoy more than eating well conceived and well prepared food. I admire anyone who can cook well, whether the cooking is traditional or otherwise, but I particularly enjoy food that is not only delicious and beautifully presented but creative too. A touch of whimsy or an approach to food that is fresh and new to me, helps elevate a dining experience to another level.

I recently had the opportunity to get a sense of the creative process behind Chef Scott Boswell's cooking at Stella! in New Orleans. Chef Boswell's creative juices consistently come up with novel dishes that combine a variety of traditional approaches with contemporary techniques, but he never forgets the bottom line that a dish must always be delicious, no matter the degree of creativity on display. In this video, Chef Boswell gives us a glimpse behind the creative collaboration at his restaurant Stella!

At the time the interview was done, the dish was in its early stages of development. Chef Boswell and his team recently completed the dish, which is now ready for service at Stella! The photos in the video are courtesy of Chef Scott Boswell. The music, Lucky #7 is by Jason Marsalis from the album Year of the Drummer, used courtesy of Basin Street Records.

Scott Boswell's Louisiana Part 6: Carrot Salad from John Sconzo on Vimeo.

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