Big Apple BBQ Block Party 2010 Day Two Highlights

Day two was another blockbuster day. For most of the day, the weather was even better than day one, though it started to rain later in the afternoon. In any case, the crowds were slightly fewer and the food was absolutely great. I got there early to take some photos and chat with some of the pitmasters. By the 11AM opening I was pretty hungry. I started with an incredible whole hog pork sandwich and slaw from Ed Mitchell's The Pit. A little bit of his Carolina vinegar sauce on the meat put me in hog heaven! I moved down the street to try some ribs from Pappy's of St. Louis. They were mighty tasty!

In the 8 years of the Big Apple BBQ Block party, it has grown incredibly, both in participation and stature. The BBq served at the Party is selected from the very best in the country, with the Pitmasters who are here considering it a great honor to be asked. All I know, is that I didn't taste anything less than delicious.

Other highlights included Chris Lilly's Big Bob Gibson pulled pork (really chopped pork) sandwich – I've never had better; Kenny Callaghan's beef ribs right out of his self-basting rotisserie barbecue and of course, Mike Mills 17th St. Bar & Grill's always amazing ribs.

Today was also a day for socializing and seeing old and new friends. I wound up staying three hours more than I planned before driving back upstate. If it hadn't started to rain, I'd probably still be there! I'm already looking forward to next year!

BABBQ 2010 Day 21
Loading the coals at Martin's whole hog 

Moonlite BBQ Mutton 

Chris Lilly & Ken Bosley at Moonlite 

Ed Mitchell's a rock star

Whole hog pork sandwich from The Pit  

Aubrey Mitchell

Ribs & beans from Pappy's 

Kenny Callaghan of Blue Smoke sampling Jim n Nick's sausage & pimento spread

Callaghan and his beef ribs

BABBQ 2010 Day 2
Kenny Callaghan Pickin' beef ribs 

Blue Smoke's pork ribs


Chris Lilly chopping

Back to Blue Smoke

Michael Romano & Danny Meyer  

Convening at 17th St. bar & Grill

Danny Meyer, Amy Mills Tunnicliffe & ribs 

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