Big Apple BBQ Block Party 2010 Day One Highlights


The Big Apple BBQ is a great party. Though the forecast for today was iffy, the weather couldn't have been a whole lot better. The crowd was out in force with a few vendors such as Ed Mitchell's whole hog "The Pit" and Hill Country selling out by the early afternoon. Most of the old favorites such as Mike Mills' 17th St. BBQ, Chris Lilly's Big Bob Gibson, the afore-mentioned Ed Mitchell, host Kenny Callaghan's Blue Smoke, Dinosaur BBQ and others were there. One notable absence was Michael Rodriguez and his popular Salt Lick BBQ. Unfortunately, Rodriguez apparently broke his leg and was unable to make the trip (I wish him a speedy recovery!). I didn't get to try all the newcomers, but one that made a positive showing was Ken Bosley and his Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn and his BBQ mutton and burgoo. The mutton, while tasting of the animal, was very well-balanced, flavorful and delicious. The burgoo, a thick, stew-like  soup made from mutton, chicken, potatoes, cabbage and a variety of vegetables, was hearty and delicious. Moonlite was probably the most unique BBQ spot of the party.

Here are some photographic highlights with a slide show of even more photos from the day.




Mike Mills


Bitter Peach at EMP

Ed Mitchell with fruit salad







Danny Meyer and Kenny Callaghan

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  1. Hey do you have the vendor map? I’m trying to figure out where one of the rib plates I got was from but can’t figure it out from the names alone. If you still have the map and can snap a pic, I’d be grateful. Thanks!

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