At the Market – Recent Photos from the Union Square Green Market

During two recent weekend visits to Manhattan, I had the pleasure to stop and shop at the Union Square Green Market, arguably the finest green market in the eastern US. Here are some photos:

Choosing the chunk size at Three Corner Field Farm


fresh cukes at Norwich Meadows Farm   










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2 Responses to At the Market – Recent Photos from the Union Square Green Market

  1. Beautiful shots John!
    Is that blue cheese Misty Morning…or some name like that? That cheese is absolutely amazing. That alone is reason to get up and go to the market.
    Wild turkey eggs??? The skeptic in me is raising an eyebrow.

  2. John Sconzo says:

    Thanks, Judith. The cheese isnt actually a blue. It is an Idiziabal style smoked, aged sheeps milk cheese called Frére Fumant and it is totally delicious!
    The wild turkey eggs have me skeptical as well, though I didnt actually ask them about it.

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