Saratoga Spring


It's the beginning of May and spring is out in full glory in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. As beautiful as it gets at this time of year here and as tempting as it is to think that the season is what gives the town the latter part of its name, it doesn't. The "Springs" in Saratoga Springs comes from the mineral water springs available all over town. They were a principle draw during the 19th century making the town and area into one of the country's leading "spa" cities of its time. The town was so famous as a spa that when one of the areas of California with great spa attributes came to be named, it was named after Saratoga. Calistoga at the northern reaches of the Napa Valley was so named because it represented California's own version of Saratoga.


The springs pictured here are in High Rock Park adjacent to the Saratoga Springs Farmers Market Pavilion. There are two. One is called "The Governor", drilled in 1908 and named in honor of Gov. Charles Evans Hughes who had recently signed a bill protecting the springs. The other is known as "The Peerless" since it contains some of the most palatable water of all the Saratoga springs. The water of The Governor flows from a depth of about 170 feet through limestone and clay before it is piped to this spot.


I can't really say if the mineral waters are truly healthy or not, but they remain an integral part of this lovely town. The water is free. All one needs is a jug to collect it and a strong will to drink it!



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