Blog Finds: Czech Us Out & Spring in Prague

I have been following Czech Us Out and Spring in Prague since their inceptions earlier this spring. Both blogs are team written. Each one has two young female Dartmouth College students as their principle authors and photographers and each is chronicling the same basic experience – a Dartmouth College Geography Foreign Study Program based at Charles University in Prague in the Czech Republic. Each reflects very well the viewpoints of its authors and each is worth reading. Though my initial reason for following these blogs was very personal  as my son, L.J., is partaking of the very same program (In fact, he has just posted a guest piece on the Czech Us Out blog chronicling the last day of a short side trip to Istanbul – expect more here from L.J. when he gets the chance to detail some of his culinary experiences in Istanbul, especially a visit to the acclaimed restaurant Mikla), I have come to really enjoy each as they are both well written with good photography and provide an interesting and entertaining view of a part of the world previously relatively unfamiliar to me. The program ends at the end of this month, but I hope they all continue to blog! Should you read the blogs, I think you will hope so too!

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