A Saturday Night Dinner at Home

I like to go out for dinner on Saturday evenings, but I like to eat and relax at home too. After a busy week, sometimes it is just easier and more satisfying to do the latter. It doesn't need to be fancy, but it might as well be good. This past Saturday night was just such a night.


With an afternoon little league game for my son, I kept it simple, cooking some Lick Spring Farm beefalo tenderloin steaks in the CVap for several hours at 125ºF, finishing them on the cooktop in butter on high heat in a cast iron pan. I cooked shallots in butter and pan drippings and deglazed the pan with some red wine.


With asparagus being at their best right now, I made an asparagus and feta salad using asparagus from Saratoga Apple and feta from Long View Farm. The asparagus were peeled, microwaved for 3 minutes and cut into 1" sections. These were mixed with feta cubes and marinated with olive oil, salt, pepper and a little Minus 8 vinegar.


To accompany the meat and vegetables, what else but potatoes? Cumin scented roasted red potatoes never fail to charm. They are simply delicious. In this case I peeled Sheldon Farm red potatoes, added ground turmeric and whole cumin seeds along with salt and olive oil, mixing them thoroughly so that the potatoes were coated over their entire surface. They roasted in a convection oven at 325ºF for about 75 minutes, reaching a lovely crisp, golden brown surface and meltingly soft interior.


To wash all of this down, I opened a bottle of 1997 Phelps Insignia. This wine was down right delightful. It was deep, rich and full of fruit, but with a still strong tannic backbone and adequate acidity. It was a totally marvelous wine drinking superbly at that moment with no sign of fading.

Saturday night is alright

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