Scott Boswell’s Louisiana Part 1: Redfish

On my recent trip to New Orleans I got to spend a lot of time with my friend, one of that city's top chefs, Scott Boswell, a native of Lake Charles, Louisiana. I have documented some of that time here including a couple of posts dedicated to our redfishing expedition and the subsequent dinner he made for me and my family. In addition to still photographs I did some video and am putting together a small series of videos on Chef Boswell and his Louisiana. This is the first. It is a short, light-hearted video representation of our fishing experience and a recap of the dinner that followed. Several more videos will follow. Chef Scott Boswell is up for a James Beard Award for Best Chef: South on May 3rd. I wish him luck!

The redfish dinner was complimentary. Wild redfish may be caught and eaten with a valid Louisiana fishing license up to 5 per licensee per day.

Ed. I am sickened by the growing oil spill off the Louisiana coast and the potentially catastrophic effects it may have on the redfish and other wildlife of the area.

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