Redfish #2


Once back on shore, Capt Corey filleted the fish using a heavy duty electric knife. By this time a number of the fish already had rigor mortis. Capt. Corey did his job very efficiently. The fillets were placed back on ice to be brought back to the restaurant Stella!, where Chef Boswell's staff would finish the prep.


He started with a cut down behind the gills and than back to the tail along the spine. Apparently it is difficult to cook these fish whole as they are difficult to scale.



This partially digested small crab was discovered in the stomach of one of the fish. Redfish are voracious feeders and apparently will eat just about anything. Like for me, crabs are one of their favorite things to eat. Captain Corey inspects the stomachs to get a better understanding of what the fish are eating and thus where to fish for them.


Unfortunately there was a lot of waste product. It would have been nice to have seen the rest of the fish put to good use too.


Captain Corey trims the peritoneal membrane from the fillet.

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