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These are the left-over bottles of some recent wines we've had at home. The Angelus has already been commented on. The Blanc de Lynch-Bages 1994 was starting to lose its fruit, but remained elegant with light seafood. The Brothers-in-Arms 2000 Shiraz had the fruit the Lynch-Bages lost and then some. It was a lovely match for lamb tenderloin with a curry rub. The Ravenswood Monte Rosso 1998 zin was rich enough still to stand up to chipotle rubbed grilled beef flat-iron steak with roasted poblanos, potatoes, cipollini and tomatillos. Another wine, 2000 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay was unfortunately well past its prime, a problem I have had with a number of other high-priced California chardonnays that simply haven't aged well. We did not keep the bottle. These wines, my particular experience has been primarily with Kistler chards, are delicious young, but unlike many of their French brethren, which they have sat alongside in my cellar, they simply have not aged with grace. Every once in a while I will still pull a bottle that satisfies, but I no longer pull them with confidence. Unfortunately, back in the 90's I amassed quite a few to take advantage of the good mail order allotments that I enjoyed. The good news is that the pinots still rock!


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