We’ve Done It! Mugaritz Stagieres Knives Fund Exceeds Goal!!!

Stagieres are dedicated young cooks who work for nothing or next to
nothing at the worlds best restaurants to learn and hone their crafts
and skills. Rare are those who do so with any significant means at
their disposal, so a loss like this was potentially devastating to them
and their careers. Thanks to the generosity and kindness of these people and all the bloggers who passed the word along, the stagieres who lost their invaluable knives in the fire that also consumed the world renowned restaurant Mugaritz in the Pais Vasco region of Spain, will be compensated for their losses, be able to replace their knives and go on with their careers. Compared to devastating global tragedies such as the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, it is easy to overlook something small and personal like this, but fortunately for these stagieres, these wonderful people found it in them to give even more!

Mike Green
John Sconzo
Jason Yee
James Kane
Joseph Gerard
Rob Connoley
Fred Kellerman
Alex Saneski
David Barzelay
Chew Fatt Soh
Matthew Stein
Alex Talbot & Aki Kamozawa
Andrew Kirsch
Derek Slager
David Rodriguez
Cruz Caudillo
Craig Thornton
Kathy Tang
Christopher Powers
Chad Ward
Scott Alperin
Zach Hunter
Brett Posmnetier
Elbert Cheng
Alan Hsu
Joseph J. Fenush III
Townsend Wentz
John Dryzga
Mattias Hagglund
Elements Restaurant Staff
AJ Jimenez
Linda Anctil
Brendan King
Scott Dunkelberger
Pim Techamuanvivit
Anthony Nardi
Harold McGee
Hugh Blair
Darcie Fontaine
Alex Lincoln
Martha Gehan
David Yewell
Sean Paroff
Jessica Vanderhoff
Hsun-Chi  Chen
Zarmik Moqtaderi
Paul Reiss
Amanda Tarrant
Naomi Bautista
Jo Stougard
Pat Sheldon
Sarah Nash
Chad Burkhardt
James Biskey
Matt Kantor
Patrick McGuire
Wendy Miller
Andrew Kwan
Boris Portnoy
Antonios Drakoularakos
Patrick Miller
Nina Chang
Reid Nakasone
Robert Mayo

At the moment we have exceeded our goal by $192. We will take suggestions on what to do with the overage. If you have one, email me at john(at)docsconz(dot)com. Distribution of the funds will commence as soon as they are released by firstgiving and PayPal.

Special thanks must also be given to Aidan "Trig" Brooks of the blog Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef and his father, Mike Green, without whom, this fund would never have started.

(ed. note) Apologies to Chad Burkhardt, whose donation had accidentally been omitted in the ongoing listing.

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4 Responses to We’ve Done It! Mugaritz Stagieres Knives Fund Exceeds Goal!!!

  1. Mike Green says:

    Let me add my thanks and Aidan’s to everyone who contributed to this great effort and especially to John for organising and administering the fund. Ideas are one thing, making them happen is something else!

  2. Pim says:

    Donate to Haiti or Chile?

  3. John Sconzo says:

    Relief in Haiti or Chile are certainly worthwhile causes, but since Slow Food is already a charity, we could put the funds to full use be giving them to a worthy cause directly. One idea, I have is to subsidize a knife for a needy stagiere at Mugaritz when it re-opens. That would keep it within the spirit of the original gift. Thoughts?

  4. I want to thank everyone again. I am in the process of getting together a big blog to post when I get back to Albany on tuesday. I had thought it might be nice to donate to the Chilean quake fund, especially since there was a stage at Mugaritz who had left a few weeks earlier from there named Jamie Moreno (he and his loved ones are fine), but I leave it up to you Doc!

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