Spring – A Time of Renewal


Crocuses are amongst the first harbingers of spring, the very symbol of new life. This photo was taken this past Saturday, the first official day of spring. Ironically, this symbol of new life was photographed at the very lovely and peaceful Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, N.Y.. We stopped in to visit my parents while in Brooklyn for a short business related visit. 


I had never actually ventured too far beyond the entrance, but this was a perfect day to do so with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 70's. There is a lovely mix of scenery, serenity and history there. I very much recommend a visit, perhaps with a picnic packed, for this may be the most unique and beautiful cemetery in the greater New York area. Holding the highest ground in Brooklyn, wonderful views can be had of New York Harbor and Manhattan as well as surrounding areas of Brooklyn. It was also a significant location in the Battle of Brooklyn, one of the most important battles of the Revolutionary War. For those who prefer to dine out, nearby are all the lovely restaurants of Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge.



It is easy to simply get lost in the beauty of the place, but there are the inevitable reminders that this place is not simply a part of the past. It remains very much of the present as well.



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  1. Mike Green says:

    Now that takes me back. I once lived in Midwood, only a few minutes walk away from Greenwood Cemetery. It was so peaceful there compared with where I worked… Wall Street! My fondest restaurant memory of Brooklyn wasn’t downtown with the trendies at Brooklyn Heights or with the Russians out at Brighton Beach. It was with the Italians in Midwood and Canarsie. But then I hadn’t developed coeliac disease in those days. Aaaah.

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